Stop Emailing Files! Create a Private Web Site for Each Email Address

Upload Files from your Desktop to the Web to Your Contacts

Are Your Contacts Constantly Searching their Inbox for Your Files?

Stop emailing files that quickly go out of date or get lost. Quickly create a web site for your contacts to get your files in one place on their schedule.

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Create Private Web Sites for Each of Your Contacts
Discover how to easily publish and securely share your files with people inside and outside your organization.

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Privately Share Your Files with Each Email Address

  • Create and host a private, secure website for each of your contacts (email address)
  • Upload files from your disk and specify who can see each one
  • Automate uploading multiple files to multiple contacts at once from your desktop programs:
    • A Microsoft Access add-in upload Access data and reports filtered for each email address
    • A Microsoft Excel template spreadsheet to easily fill out the contacts and files to upload
  • Control the files centrally with optional publish and expiration dates
  • Eliminate FTP sites, excessive emails, and large email attachments
  • Get up and running in minutes. No programming required!
  • Only pay for what you need at a fraction of creating this on your own