About EzUpData

EzUpData integrates the files on your local computer to the web by providing Internet-based data storage and transfer resources. We let you easily, privately, and securely share your data and files with your contacts.

24th Anniversary of FMSWorld Class Solutions

EzUpData is designed, created, owned and offered by FMS, Inc., a world leading software development firm located in Tysons Corner, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC.

Founded in 1986, FMS serves commercial and government organizations with a variety of products and custom solutions. Our customers include 90 of the Fortune 100, every US Federal Government department, and tens of thousands of customers in 100+ countries. We've won over 40 industry awards and created countless desktop and web applications, from basic business processes to mission critical solutions where information management is literally a matter of life and death.

Maximizing the Value of Your Data

Data continues to grow exponentially, but it remain challenging to manage and unlock all its value.

While technology has changed tremendously over the past two decades, we've consistently focused on creating innovative solutions to help organizations better collect, manage, analyze, and distribute data. Empowering users from the desktop to the web, FMS solutions help organizations accomplish their missions and make better decisions.

Microsoft Partnership

FMS and Microsoft have worked closely together since 1992. FMS is a leading 3rd party vendor to the Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic communities. We've provided consulting services to Microsoft, written many papers featured on MSDN, and participated in numerous joint activities showcasing Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Gold Certified PartnerFMS is a multi-year Microsoft Gold Certified Partner maintaining strong relationships with several Microsoft development teams. FMS personnel have also been recognized by Microsoft over the years as Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), authors for Microsoft Press, and speakers at their conferences. We bring this experience and expertise to EzUpData.

Microsoft AzureEzUpData is Hosted on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft SQL AzureEzUpData uses the Microsoft Azure platform to host its services to provide the enterprise level scalability, security, redundancy, and performance requirements you need. FMS is among the first firms to work with Azure, and we're the first to leverage the power of the Windows desktop to the web through Microsoft Azure.

Software as a Service

After creating many private, custom web solutions, EzUpData represents our first software-as-service solution for the general public. We hope you like what we're delivering today, and the many new features we are adding in the near future.

Please contact us if you have suggestions or need a custom solution leveraging our proven technology.

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