Securely Share Your Desktop Files over the Web

Share your desktop files over the web using EzUpData

Examples of EzUpData in Action

  • Use EzUpData for secure uploads and downloads to replace emailing sensitive files as attachments
  • Supplement your web site with a customer section for all their historic invoices. Upload PDF copies of invoices and let each customer log in and see their invoices.
  • Manage a sales team with reports posted to each person's EzUpData account including some reports that expire on a specified deadline. Eliminate the searching of files in the Outlook Inbox, and easily turn off access to files if they're no longer on your team.
  • Simplify HR (human resources) documents by posting them in EzUpData. Combine shared documents (e.g. employee handbook) which can be distributed to everyone in a Group you define with individual, personal documents that only they see.
  • Bypass email attachment size limitations or the complexity of using FTP sites to post files.

Add Private File Sharing over the Internet

  • Easily create a public web site where your external contacts can log in and see their own files (for example their data or invoice reports)
  • Easily upload files from your desktop and specify who should see them
  • Automatically create user accounts and login
  • Customize the appearance of the screens your contacts see with your logo, welcome text, hyperlinks, color, etc.
  • No programming required
  • Hosted service: avoid the hassles of finding an Internet host and setting up a web site

Better than Emailing Files

  • Consolidate all your files for each of your contacts in a central, web accessible site that's easy to manage
  • Eliminate your recipients' searching through their Inbox for files you sent them
  • Eliminate sending sensitive files that should never be emailed

Quickly and Securely Publish Your Files to the Web

Extend your desktop to the web by securely uploading files to each of your contacts

  • Any file on your disk can be uploaded (e.g. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, text, etc.)
  • Upload data and reports from your Microsoft Access databases, with the option of each contact receiving just their information (for instance, each customer gets their own invoice reports)

Customize your users' experience to your brand

  • Use your logo, colors, messages, disclaimers, hyperlinks, contacts, etc.
  • Replace all our labels that your users see to your words and/or language
  • Option to change the URL from EzUpData to your domain

Create multiple folders in your account for different purposes

  • Easily create multiple folders each with its own grid, header text, and footer text.
  • For example, create different folders for customers, employees, sales department, human resources, etc.

Manage file availability centrally

  • Upload files now to be available (published) at a future time you specify
  • Set expiration dates, so files "disappear" on your schedule
  • Set a certain amount of time after your contact first downloads a file before it is no longer available

Cost Effective and Scalable

  • Software as a Service: Pay for what you need at a fraction of the cost of creating your own site from scratch
  • Quickly sign up and get started, and upgrade or downgrade your EzUpData plan as your needs evolve

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