Frequently Asked Questions for Using EzUpData

How do I know your service will be up and running all the time?

EzUpData is hosted by Microsoft on their Azure platform. Azure is a cloud computing system that is highly scalable with data stored on multiple machines in multiple physical locations for extremely reliable service. Even if there is a failure with a particular piece of hardware, connectivity, electricity, or physical disaster, the site should remain available. Additionally, Microsoft personnel are monitoring the systems, networks, operating systems, software, etc. to make sure the latest updates and security patches are applied. This is truly enterprise level service at a very affordable price.

Microsoft Azure Web Hosting Platform

Microsoft SQL Azure Platform

Why should I trust you?

Your Trusted PartnerEzUpData is created, owned and operated by FMS. FMS has been in business since 1986 with tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries. We've been successful for over two decades because we treat our customers and employees properly, deliver quality solutions, and support the community. We have earned the trust of our associates based on technical skills, business processes, and ethics over long periods of time.

We understand how important the data you upload can be to you and your organization. We recognize your contacts are your property representing your people and customers, and not ours. We've established processes to keep your data confidential, and multiple levels of safeguards to prevent external and internal people from getting to your data in an unauthorized manner.

We understand that you are taking a risk with your reputation and career when you select a vendor, and strive to make you shine. We've done it for decades and continue to do so.

How secure is the service?

The physical locations where Microsoft Azure is hosting EzUpData is under extremely tight security with multiple levels of barriers to prevent unauthorized visitors and physical damage. EzUpData itself is written from the ground up with security as its centerpiece. Your files are uploaded and downloaded using SSL encryption so their contents are never exposed over the internet. File storage uses the secure Blob storage feature of Microsoft Azure. For enterprise accounts, an additional feature supports storing the files using 128 bit AES encryption.

EzUpData has established policies to minimize our access to your files. The web site is designed so you as the account administrator can see what your users see, to minimize the need for our people to do that. Additionally, when our customer service and technical support people assist you, they can only view your account with your permission and cannot view file contents or download any of the files you've uploaded. The only way our personnel can open your files is with explicit authorization from you as the owner and from the upper management of EzUpData.

How do I upload files to EzUpData?

There are several ways to upload files to EzUpData:

  • EzUpData Administration screen: From the administration screen, you can select individual files to upload and specify who can see them
  • EzUpData for Microsoft Access is an add-in program for Access that takes a list of email contacts from a table or query in your database and uploads files to them. The files can be on disk or created "on the fly" as filtered data or reports specific for each recipient. An unlimited number of contacts and files can be processed in one job. The upload specifications are automatically saved so you can run them again in the future. Auditing features are included.
    • The interactive Wizard lets you create, edit, preview, and run your jobs
    • A royalty-free runtime library offers a programmatic interface to run a saved job through a VBA function call. This makes it easy to upload files at the touch of a button or event.
  • EzUpData for Microsoft Excel is a program that lets you fill out an Excel template spreadsheet (provided) with the information necessary to upload files to your contacts. You can specify individual files for each contact and/or the same files for multiple contacts. Create as many spreadsheets as you like for different sets of files and contacts.
  • .NET Interface: For Enterprise customers, we offer a Visual Studio .NET software development kit with .NET assemblies and web services to integrate EzUpData directly into your applications.

Can users upload files to the site?

Yes. This eliminates the problems with sending large files that are difficult to do via email. It also avoids the complexity of using an FTP site for file transfers.

If the account administrator activates the User File Upload option, users can upload files through their EzUpData web page. If there's more than one administrator, the user can specify who it goes to. The file appears in the recipient's list of files in a User Upload folder, and receives an email when a file is uploaded. An account administrator can disable this upload feature for individual users through the User Management screen.

EzUpData does not allow your users to send files to other non-administrator users.

What do my users see?

Your users see what you want them to see. We provide a URL specifically for your account that your contacts use to log in. You can customize the page to set colors, include your logo, hyperlinks, welcome text, contact information, legal disclaimers, etc.

Your users see your customized screen when logging in and viewing their list of files. EzUpData supports multiple folders which can each be customized with header and footer text in HTML format. Your contacts may have files in one or more folders (you decide where the files go).

How do I create users?

You never need to explicitly add users to your account. When you assign a file to an email address that doesn't exist in your account, EzUpData automatically creates a user login for him/her. The user is sent an email as soon as they have files available. The email, which you can customize, includes the URL to your account and their temporary password.

What if my user forgets their password?

This is a built-in feature of EzUpData. Its login screen includes an option to email the user's password to their email account if they forget it. Your users can take care of this without your involvement.

Can someone guess a password with repeated tries?

EzUpData includes automatic user account lockout after a certain number of failed logins. The account administrator is notified when this happens and can decide to unlock the user account through the administration screen.

How do I cancel users?

The administrator's site has a User Management section where you can temporarily suspend a user account or permanently delete it.

How do I delete files from the site?

The files you've uploaded can be deleted in several ways:

  1. Log into your EzUpData account as the administrator and under the File Manager, view all the files and select the files to delete.
  2. When uploading files, specify an expiration date which automatically removes the file from your user's list at that time.
  3. When uploading files, specify a file expires a certain number of hours after the user first downloads it.
  4. If you create a job in Microsoft Access, you can delete all its previously uploaded files by pressing the Delete button, or specify in the job to automatically overwrite its files every time it is run.
  5. If you create a job with a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, you can select that spreadsheet and ask to delete all its previously uploaded files, or choose to do so when you run that spreadsheet again.

How do I cancel my account?

From the account section, you can choose to cancel your account. You can terminate the account immediately or upon the end of your currently paid subscription. Refunds are not provided for your currently paid period.

How do I upgrade my account?

From the account section, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan, or change between monthly and annual terms. Upgrades take effect immediately, and a prorated charge is made for the remainder of the current billing period. Downgrades take effect at the start of the next billing period.

How does EzUpData compare to Microsoft SharePoint?

EzUpData differs from SharePoint in many ways:

  • EzUpData is a web service, so there is no need to purchase license fees and hardware to use it. Use it for as long as you need and cancel it at any time.
  • EzUpData does not require a separate license (CAL) for each of your contacts.
  • EzUpData automatically supports additional users without system administration support, and includes user self-support such emailing forgotten passwords.
  • EzUpData is a replacement for using email to send files.
  • EzUpData is connected to the Internet so the general public can log into the site.
  • EzUpData makes it easy to privately share files with individual users both inside and outside your organization.
  • EzUpData is a dynamic publishing system and includes:
    • A Microsoft Access add-in that lets you upload data and reports from Access databases that are private to each recipient. These jobs are saved and can be re-run at any time. A royalty-free runtime library with programmatic interface is also included.
    • A Microsoft Excel template to use data in Excel spreadsheets.
    • A Visual Studio .NET web service interface to integrate into .NET applications.
  • EzUpData lets you upload files to make available at a later time by specifying a future publish date.
  • EzUpData lets you set an expiration date on files so they "disappear" from your contact's list after that time.
  • EzUpData lets you set an expiration of file a certain number of hours after the user first downloads it.

Additional Questions?

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