EZUpData Features

Integrated with Microsoft Access and Excel

    Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Access
  • Share any files on disk with your list of contacts in your Access table or Excel spreadsheet
  • Publish Microsoft Access Reports right from your database
  • Distribute a report using filters for different users and groups
Filtered Reports
  • Share Access reports as PDF, HTML, Excel, rich text (RTF), reports snapshots (SNP) and XPS files (PDF and XPS are available only in Access 2007 or later)
Access Reports PDF or XPS Access Tables

Put your Data On the Web and Share It

  • Customized the appearance of your web site with your logo, color theme, hyperlinks, and header and footer text with HTML syntax
  • Create one or more folders to organize your files
  • Upload now and publish later feature to upload files now and have them appear in the future
  • Create a custom URL or domain for your account

Secure and Reliable Hosting

  • More reliable, secure, and easier than using FTP (file transfer protocol)
  • Create users and groups who can access files and notify them automatically when new files are posted
  • Create an expiration date for each file so they automatically disappear
  • Secure SSL uploads and downloads
  • Hosting is in partnership with Microsoft data centers to provide highly fault-tolerant, scalable, and replicated in multiple physical locations to ensure security and uptime
  • Internal security: our customer service and support staff provide assistance without the ability to view or download your files, which is only possible with explicit upper management approval
  • Enterprise features: System logging and auditing features to comply with corporate security requirements, plus 128 bit AES file encryption

Automatically Create and Easily Manage User Accounts

  • Users are automatically created when you upload and assign a file to an email address
  • New users are notified via email with a temporary password and your message to login and access their files
  • Users securely log into their web page to view and download their files
  • Users can login with 3rd party accounts such as FaceBook, Google, Windows Live and Yahoo!
  • Optionally email users when a new file is available for them
  • Forgotten password support
  • Automatic lockout after too many failed login attempts with email notification and ability to unlock the account
  • Define multiple emails as a group and upload one file to all of them
  • Administrative features to monitor, disable, and delete users at any time

Easy to Start

  • Quickly sign up and get started, and upgrade or downgrade your EzUpData plan as your needs evolve
  • All features are available right from within Microsoft Access or from your EzUpData website

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