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Privately Sharing Your Files Over the Internet is Easy with EzUpData

Stop forcing your contacts to search through their Inbox for files you've sent them! Minimize your emails and provide a permanent, reliable web resource for your contacts to privately see the files you've published for them.

Easily add a hyperlink to your website or provide a URL in an email to let your associates log in and see their files.

Visit the Sample Northwind Account

Note that during the Preview phase, the Northwind site may be down from time to time. Thank you for your patience.

  1. Click to visit the Northwind Customer Site:
  2. Enter these credentials:
    • Email Address: guest@EzUpData.com
    • Password: password

Notice the support for forgotten passwords.

Log on the EzUpData Sample Account

Enjoy the Customer Experience

The account administrator defines folders and uploads files to them. In this example, there are folders for Catalogs and Invoices. All the files available to each user is shown when they log in:

EzUpData List of Files

  • Browse the list of files
  • Click on a file and download it
  • Click on a folder name to see additional files

The data comes from the reports in the Northwind database from Microsoft Access 2003 and was uploaded using the EzUpData Microsoft Access add-in.

Customize EzUpData to Your Look and Feel

Notice how an EzUpData account can be customized to support your logo and brand from the Log On screen to the Files pages.

  • Custom logo and hyperlink in the upper left corner
  • Gradient appearance and color for the top and bottom of the screen
  • Header section with text in HTML format (e.g. company tag line and welcome message)
  • Footer section with text in HTML format (e.g. contact info, hyperlinks to your web site, legalese)
  • Additional header and footer for each folder

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