Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel: Uploading Files to the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Take advantage of cloud computing directly from Microsoft Excel. Extend your desktop and upload files directly from Excel to the web hosted by Microsoft Azure and SQL Server. The files can be Excel spreadsheets or any other file on your disk such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDF reports, etc. Best of all, you can use Excel spreadsheets to manage your list of contacts and files.

EzUpData's Microsoft Excel Add-in

From Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010, EzUpData is available directly from the add-ins ribbon (in Excel 2003, its on the menu):

Launch EzUpData from the Excel add-in ribbon

The main form lets you easily upload files to your EzUpData web site:

EzUpData Excel add-in main menu

There are two ways to upload files to EzUpData from Excel:

Simply Uploading a Single File

A two screen Wizard lets you easily upload a file to a contact. You can give the file a description, and specify the publish and expiration dates. It's very quick and easy:

EzUpData simple upload in Excel

Uploading Multiple Files to Multiple Contacts with a Spreadsheet

A more powerful solution is available when you have a large number of contacts and files to upload, or situations where you want to process the same batch of files multiple times (e.g. daily reports).

EzUpData provides a template (spreadsheet) that you fill out with your list of files and contacts. Basically, it's two columns: email address and the file name to upload to them. It's very easy to use the spreadsheet:

  • On the Contacts worksheet, list your contact email addresses and any specific files you want to upload to them. You can also provide a file name that's different from the original file name, a description of the file, and publish and expiration dates:

EzUpData Excel spreadsheet template

  • On the Common Files worksheet, list any files you want available to all your contacts.
  • Save the spreadsheet.

From the main form, select your spreadsheet. This makes it easy to upload similar files on a regular basis. These options are available:

  • Upload: uploads the files to EzUpData and make the files available to your users immediately.
  • Preview: uploads the files and lets you review what your users would see from the EzUpData web site. Then decide to publish or cancel it.
  • Delete: deletes the files previously uploaded from that spreadsheet (delete is also an option when you Upload or Preview).

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