EzUpData Service Plans and Pricing

Several plans are available to meet your needs. Over time, you can switch plans as your needs change.

Included Features on All Plans

For all accounts, these services are provided:

  • A hosted web site to let your users log in and download the files you've uploaded to them
  • Secure uploads, storage, and downloads of your files
  • Your own subdomain: MyAccount.ezupdata.com
  • Optional email notification to users when their files are published
  • Automated email account creation for your contacts
  • Lost password and change password support
  • Administrative screens to manage users, groups, folders, and files
  • Microsoft Access add-in to upload personalized data and reports from your Access databases
  • Microsoft Excel add-in to upload files from Excel
  • Telephone and email support

Service Options

Pricing Trial Workgroup Department Enterprise
Monthly FREE (7 days) $ TBA $ TBA $ TBA
Annual N/A $ TBA $ TBA $ TBA


Maximum # of Administrators 5 10 20
Maximum # of Contacts 50 500 2,000 unlimited
Total File Size (GB) 0.1 2 10 500
Maximum # of Unique Files 200 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Maximum Emails/Month 100 2,500 10,000 25,000
Maximum Bandwidth/Month (GB) 0.4 20 100 500
Allow Contacts to Upload Files
Use Your Own Secure Subdomain
(with annual plan)
Visual Studio .NET integration
Activity Log Reports
Additional File Encryption

Contact us for custom integration of EzUpData into your solution, dedicated hosting, deployment behind your firewall, or licensing our technology.

Service Definitions

Administrators: As the account owner, you assign Administrators (email addresses) with the right to manage the account, contacts, groups, and files to upload to your contacts. By default, the owner is an Administrator. The Administrator can manage all aspects of the account, but only the account owner can modify the billing/credit card information and service plan. When you embed EzUpData upload functionality in your applications, all your application's users can use a single Administrator account.

Contacts: These are the people (email addresses) who can login and see their files

Total File Size: This is the total size of all your uploaded (unique) files.

Unique Files: These are the actual files which are uploaded for your contacts. A file uploaded and available to multiple contacts is only counted once.

Emails: You may optionally choose to email your contacts when you upload files. A budget exists for the maximum you can send per month.

Bandwidth: The traffic activity on your account is monitored with a monthly limit. This amount is based on the size of the files uploaded and downloaded by the administrators and contacts.

Allow Contacts to Upload Files: This feature lets your contacts upload files to an administrator. Transfer files beyond the maximum limits of emails, and eliminate complex FTP sites. Users do not need to install anything to uploads files less than 10 MB.

Use Your Own Secure Subdomain: Rather than using the EzUpData.com domain in the URL, you can customize the URL to use your own sub-domain (e.g. https://customers.MyFirm.com). To add this feature, you'll need to purchase a security certificate for your domain that we will install on your behalf. This feature is available for accounts on an annual plan.

Visual Studio .NET integration: Software development kit for Visual Studio .NET so you can integrate your application with EzUpData. Includes a runtime distribution license.

Activity Log Reports: Detailed logs are available for Enterprise customers to monitor all upload and download activity by person, time, etc.

Additional File Encryption: All files are stored in the Azure Blob using its built-in security. Enterprise customers have an additional level of security to physically store these files using 128 bit AES file encryption algorithms.

Additional Services

Service Fee
Customization of the user interface We can customize the user interface your users see to match your existing web site. This service is based on the complexity of the work required and can generally be done for $199 unless coding is required or the design conflicts with our existing structure.
Private Installations and Deployments We are experienced with enterprise and government security environments and have many options depending on your needs. Please contact us to review your situation.


Accepted credit cardsAfter your initial trial period, your authorized credit card is automatically charged the Fees for your plan. For subsequent periods, your credit card is charged seven (7) days prior to the end of your period. Your EzUpData account is considered delinquent if your credit card company refuses for any reason to pay the amount billed to it. Email will be sent to alert you of the status and to bring the account back to current status by the end of the period.

If the account is delinquent for the new (unpaid) period, the Service is suspended. If the account is delinquent for more than 30 days, the account may be archived or purged from system. EzUpData may impose a charge to restore archived data from delinquent accounts but does not guarantee this is possible.

Annual contracts for corporate accounts may be paid by check rather than credit card. Please contact us for details.

Changing Plans

As the Account Owner, you can change your plan at any time by logging into your account, and specifying the new plan:

  • If you upgrade your plan, your account will immediately receive the added features, and you will be charged a prorated amount for the difference to the end of your current billing cycle.
  • If you downgrade your plan, your account will switch to the lower plan at the end of the current billing cycle.

Canceling Your Plan

You may cancel your account at any time by logging into your account and selecting Cancel Account in the account management section. Refunds are not provided for any fees already paid by you for periods that have already started.

Complete Account Details

For complete details on how EzUpData accounts work, read our Detailed Terms and Conditions.

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