Sign Up for the Preview Version of EzUpData

Thank you for your interest in EzUpData and taking the time to apply to use the preview version. Due overwhelming interest, we can only accommodate a limited number of participants during the preview phase. Please fill out the questionnaire below to apply.

There are no costs for participating in the Preview program. We only seek your feedback to know if our solution meets your needs, where it fails, and suggestions for additional features. We are also interested in people who would be willing to provide testimonials for our web site and to the press, which could also generate publicity for you and your organization.

Preview Version is Not Production Quality

The Preview Version is an early release of EzUpData. It is still being developed and is not fully tested.

That means there may be problems that affect your ability to use all of its features. And while we will try to minimize this, the site may also be down periodically for updates which may prevent you or your contacts from using it. During the preview phase, our account privacy policies are not enforced. That is, our staff will be reviewing accounts without your explicit request. They may also be viewing the contents of files to verify the upload, download, and encryption processes are working. There is no intention or desire to know the contents of your files, but you should not upload files containing sensitive information. After the Preview phase, our internal privacy policies will be enforced and access to your account and files will be severely restricted.

There are no assurances that any jobs you create and files you upload can be part of the production version. You may need redo the work during the preview phase should you decide to get a production account.

Incomplete Features

Certain features are not completed in the Preview Version:

  • Custom captions to support language localization. You can specify these values in the Preview version but they are not applied to the screens your users see.
  • Replacing files from the File Manager. In the production version, you'll be able to replace previously uploaded files with new ones directly from the website (up to the web limit of 4 MB). The feature to replace the entire job from Access and Excel already exists.
  • Allowing users to upload files to you. The production version will allow the contacts you specify to upload files to an administrator.

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The questions below are to get a better understanding of your situation. There are no right or wrong answers. We are seeking to find a good mix of environments during the Preview phase. Thank you for applying.

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Do you use any other FMS products? If so, which products?

If you develop Access applications, which version will you use the most with EzUpData? 

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What do you want to solve with EzUpData? or any additional comments on why you'd be a good candidate (up to 2000 characters)

By applying for the Preview Version, you are granting us permission to communicate with you.
Per our privacy policy, you may opt out at any time, and your information is never sold or given to another party to solicit you.